A new start, because it’s Wednesday

The Easter long weekend makes Tuesday feel like Monday. Except this Tuesday was the last day with Tony’s parents visiting AND both of our girls at home. So now Wednesday feels like Monday. The good news is that Friday is now only 2 sleeps away! Why can’t weeks work like this more often?

The alarm went off before 6am this morning, because I chose to set it for that time. Circa 1998 me would be horrified at that concept. But my morning walk was rewarded with the most beautiful pink sky sunrise and a feeling that everything was fresh, new, unblemished. The day started, full of possibilities and choices and events and actions and reactions and emotions and …. nothing. For 40mins, just nothing. Nothing but me and the pink sky.

So today I’m making better choices. I’m doing the ‘important but not urgent’ stuff. I’m ignoring my phone (well, the internet on my phone to be exact). I didn’t check Facebook until I was at my desk at 11am and I haven’t touched Candy Crush. I chose green tea instead of a second coffee. Now I’m about to choose something healthy for lunch. Because today is Wednesday, and it came as a day full of opportunities to make choices.

Tonight I will begrudgingly choose to do the ironing, not because I’d rather just crash on the couch but because I like when my laundry looks empty.

A day filled with good choices is an exception, not a habit in my life. It’s a conscious decision today. I’m not saying that I’m usually making all bad choices, but sometimes I reason my way into something less than the best for me. Today I’m being kind to myself and I’m making great choices because of the benefits they bring, not as punishment.

Perhaps this is the mark of winners – successful people who constantly make good choices. I’m not that disciplined.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Don’t ask me yet about my choices tomorrow. Today is a new day and I’m focussing on that.


P.S. OK, tonight I chose not to do the ironing. After bedtime for the girls, dishes, looking for paperwork for the morning & moving files off my laptop, not standing at the ironing board was a much kinder choice!

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