Blessed are the flexible

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

In general, I’m a pretty ‘go with the flow’ individual, I think. Except when it comes to planning my day. I like to know what’s on the horizon for at least the next four hours. If something new comes up during then, that’s cool. I get more frustrated when something in my mental picture of the future is cancelled, especially at the last minute. I know it’s rarely the end of the world, but I just get these expectations that sometimes don’t pan out.

Today has been a great example of that. Plans with visitors fell through after a mis-communication. Discussion over coffee with immediate family lead to several versions of new plans. Agreement was reached for a family outing to several shops to run errands together and allow the girls to run around at the playground at Bunnings. And then we made it into the car and out of the garage.

Then Miss 2 decided she didn’t want to go to Bunnings. Plan change: girls do supermarket with mum, dad does Bunnings. Until Miss 2 fell asleep in the car. Plan change: mum sits in car at Bunnings, dad goes in, eldest commandeers iPad. Note: eldest wasn’t happy about going to any shops in the first place.

I’m now fully expecting that dad will sit in the car while mum does the supermarket, Miss 2 continues to sleep & Miss 6 continues to iPad. Unless the plan changes, which would just require Miss 2 to wake up. Actually the plan just had another minor change: Miss 6 needs to go to the toilet, I’m in the car with a sleeping toddler and dad is inside Bunnings with a handful of yet to be paid for goods.

As the mum who does most of the grocery shopping, I was looking forward to having the company of my husband at the supermarket. It’s the small things.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Just don’t ask me about the plans for dinner.


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