One of the best parts of my job is connecting with technical communities around the world. Because this also involves travel, my replies can be delayed due to timezones, international flights, or unplugging from the world to reconnect with my family.


Here are the best ways to reach me:

Twitter  @SoniaCuff
Twitter is my main social platform and gives a glimpse into my work and my life. My DMs are not open but I do review my notifications, so tag me in a tweet and we can take it from there if appropriate.

Email  [email protected]
My personal email account is actively monitored, though it can get a little swamped I’m travelling. You’ll be able to contact me here regardless of my current role or employer.

I’ll get notified if you message me, but I’m selective about what connection invitations I will accept. I also use LinkedIn to publish some of my articles that are of a broader tech, business or soft skills/mental health nature and I’m willing to re-share relevant event links and other people’s articles.

I never think of myself as creative, but Instagram gets the best of my photography attempts, whether it’s another airplane window cloud shot or my morning coffee. This is when I think I should get another DSLR and always ended shooting with my iPhone.

This is my public Facebook page where you’ll find things I’ve shared on that platform and general tech announcements. My personal Facebook page is for friends and family only.


Please note that I’m not looking for a job and I’m not willing to endorse products or services. Those requests may go unanswered.