Fix AVG Anti-Virus Update failed – The update control file is missing

We had a customer’s Windows 7 computer running AVG 2015 Anti-virus, managed by AVG Cloudcare, that was refusing to update its virus definitions database.

Update failed.

The update control file is missing.

Note: This error has been reported on non-Cloudcare versions and earlier versions too.

Even getting tough and uninstalling the software with the AVG Removal Tool, rebooting and reinstalling .. left me with exactly the same problem. Other computers at the site were unaffected.

Kudos to Bryson from AVG Support who suggested this process. It worked perfectly, first time!

  1. Disable AVG Self Protection (options > advanced settings > AVG Self Protection)
  2. Delete the file C:ProgramDataAVG2015cfgupdate.cfg
  3. Restart the PC and enable AVG Self Protection. The cfg file is automatically recreated with default settings.
  4. Update


Leaving here for posterity, in the hope it helps someone else who’s turned to searching Google!



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