Found a webpage crashing my Internet Explorer tab – how I got around it!

I have a business information blog website set as my homepage.  Today when I started up Internet Explorer, the page content would start to load, I’d see all of the text, and then the tab would ‘crash’, stating that the page had caused a problem and it was going to try to reload it.  After a couple of attempts at this, I got:

Website restore error.  Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem.

Instead of taking me in a constant reload loop, IE had given up.

My workaround? Restart Internet Explorer and as soon as the page displayed the blog text, I clicked the red X stop button in IE.  This halts any other content on the page fronm loading, and I could read the article and download the linked mp3 file.

I’m not sure what on that page today was having an issue, but secure in the knowledge that it was a reputable website and my computer is up-to-date with functioning security software, this workaround enabled me to do what I needed to do without spending hours hunting for an answer.  Most likely, it’s the code on that page and something the website developer would need to address anyway.

Sometimes a workaround IS the best option, instead of finding the root cause.  It it happens again with tomorrow’s blog, I’ll notify the site owner.


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