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In the quiet

In a society where busy & activity & noise & public is normal, progress is made in the quiet.

I’m currently working at two speeds:

1) See an opportunity and act on it.

2) See an opportunity and plan it. Research it. Consult on it. Amass a jumble of thoughts. Discard some. Sharpen the focus. Document the challenges, the approaches and the solutions.

As someone driven by the satisfaction of less items in my Inbox, less things on my to do list, speed 1 is so much more satisfying. But I’m enjoying the details of speed 2. The digging in. Respecting bigger things enough to give them more of my time.

I’ve stopped comparing my activity level to other people. I’m eating an elephant over here.

The results are going to be epic. Or they won’t. This is anti-“fail fast”. It frustrates the ‘quick start’ part of my personality but it warms the collaborative part of it, the part that wants all the voices to be heard, all the angles to be explored.

When you don’t hear as much from me, I’m just working on bigger things. Less travel, more writing.

Progress is made in the quiet.


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  1. This is a beautifully well written post. I appreciate the simplicity and depth.

    Also, good reminder, I need to STOP comparing myself. Just do what I can, with all my effort and move on to the next opportunity that is meant for me.

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