Interop 2016 – Presentation Guide

What is it about going away that makes the world throw a dozen deadlines at you at once? 🙂

Now the main ones have been tackled, it’s time to get my thoughts published regarding Interop 2016, which I had the pleasure of speaking at.

It’s always scary speaking at a conference that you’ve never attended before, as you don’t know if your content will hit the mark. I’m pleased to report that there was a great mix of topics at this event – from higher level ‘what’s the future?’ discussions to deep dive technical sessions.

The business needs to view IT as a protective enabler not a gatekeeper.

When I mentioned to someone it was interesting being out of the Microsoft ‘bubble’, they asked if the conference covered AWS, Google etc. But the perspective mainly wasn’t solution-specific and there were a lot of conversations around automation, DevOps, security etc … all the usual stuff that Enterprise Admins & Developers like to talk about and a lot of chat about where the industry is heading (and our roles in it!).

I provided some insight to the Future of the Data Center discussion to 24×7 IT Connection and you can read it here:

My topic ‘Integrating Cloud applications into your Infrastructure Strategy’ was attended by I.T. managers and I.T. professionals (actually it was a 75/25 split).

My slides are very visual as I talk to the audience more than I read from the screen, so as promised (albeit belatedly!), here’s my presentation guide. It also contains a mini deck of my slides.


It was great being around a really positive vibe and I’d definitely attend Interop again. Dates have been set as May 22-26 2017.


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