Lost September .. and how your passion follows you.

17 Aug, seriously? That was my last update and it’s now 26 Sept. Bad, bad blogger.

Actually, that explains a lot. This isn’t a ‘blog’ in the ‘always updated, one million followers, ads everywhere and monetised to the teeth’ sense. This is my spot on the net for random ramblings when I feel like it, with no pressure. Which is why it will never make me a millionaire. Oh well.

So, since my last update, I’ve had houseguests (aka The Inlaws) who are just about to leave and have been brilliant with my children. I’ve settled in a bit more to the new Emergency Management Officer role in a security company, to the point where I now feel a little bit useful. We’ve spent every weekend for the last 2 months landscaping the final piece of the garden (only a slight exaggeration there, plus most of the hard work has been hubby’s).  And MissNow3 has said goodbye to her childcare centre ‘school’ friends and hello to the loving home of a Family Day Care ‘educator’.  Oh, and I’ve been on TV, but only for 3 seconds.

I never imagined myself in the security industry, but as an Emergency Management Officer, it’s been more of a fit for me than I imagined. I love working alongside the Police, Fire & Ambulance organisations. I even loved learning about the Building Code and Fire & Rescue Act. But the place I’ve been the most comfortable is .. writing. Funny that.  Letters, reports, templates .. I could sit and type for hours. In fact, between that and the IT business, I’ve joked I’m now going to state my occupation as Typist.

So, even with a change of scenery, my knack of crafting together a sentence of two has held me in good steed. In some part I owe thanks to my high school typing teacher too. It’s not quite completely eyes off touch typing, but it’s faster than most. That’s thanks to learning on an old manual typewriter, with the covers on!

The lessons from this? Love something and be good at it and find how you can bring that to whatever situation you are in.  Oh, and build up you kids with their own ‘foundation skill(s)’ too. It will follow them the rest of their lives.


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