My love/hate relationship with Monday

After having dinner, getting the kids to bed & doing the dishes, I forced myself to go back into the office and finish today’s bookwork before I wrote this post. I did get it finished too, apart from one bill I have to yell at Sensis about.  My aim is to have the books up-to-date each Monday and I didn’t want to start Tuesday with that hanging over me.  All I really wanted to do though was write.  The term is ‘eating frogs’ – referring to doing what you don’t want to do, first, then enjoying your pleasant task afterwards.  Frog eaten, commence writing (it’s 21:41). Oh the life of a Work at Home Mum.

So many people on Twitter had a rough day today. I had a love/hate thing going on:

Hated –

– Getting out of bed

– Paying bills

– Bookwork

– Having to cook dinner

– Having to do the dishes

Loved – 

– Being able to get out of bed

– Having money to pay the bills (this week!)

– That it was OUR bookwork

– That there was food in the fridge to cook

– That dirty dishes meant full tummies

– Hearing about Miss 6’s day at school

– Blowing raspberries on Miss 2’s belly and hearing her cackle. Not laugh, not chuckle, actually cackle.

Overall, I guess today was more Love than Hate. Silver linings and all that. Bring on Tuesday.


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