Office 365: Mail page blank in Firefox, shows ‘Continue’ on tab

Blogging this one from a colleague in case anyone else hits the same symptoms.

User was logging into Mail in Office 365 using Firefox.

The page was completely blank.

Instead of the browser tab label saying Mail – Username it just said CONTINUE.

Worked correctly in Internet Explorer.

Could access the same Office 365 account correctly from another computer on the network using Firefox.

Troubleshooting things that didn’t work:

  • Opening Firefox in safe mode
  • Resetting Firefox to defaults
  • Clearing cache
  • Deleting cookies
  • Removing save password

The fix was to create a new Firefox user profile:

  • Sync Firefox current user profile settings to the internet
  • Create a new user profile, using the Firefox user profile tool
  • Sync old settings to new profile

All settings should come across, except pinned tabs.

Thanks Brian Messenger for sharing your wisdom with me!



P.S.  Looks like the error was a Java problem. Java was installed & active. In fact, all java versions had been removed, the latest reinstalled and verified, but the Firefox console was showing some java commands in a recursive loop.

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