USA bound for Tech Field Day!

It’s the morning before I leave for 18.5hrs of travel. Stating the obvious, Australia is a long way from America (and I’m only going to the West Coast). But I’m beyond thrilled to have been given this opportunity.

To my non IT friends and family, I’m going to Silicon Valley for a conference.

That conference is Tech Field Day’s Virtualization Field Day 6 If you’re awake during San Jose’s day, you can even see live video streaming of the day on that page. If you have twitter, play along with the hashtag #VFD6

The event is structured so companies can present to the 11 attending delegates and we can discuss their products, ask questions and give them feedback. What a great chance for them to get real world feedback from a small, experienced group of IT Pros, from all sorts of backgrounds and hometowns.

My call came late one night in the form of a private tweet. “Have you thought about attending one of our conferences?” I laughed and said it was a bit far away (read:expensive), to be told that all expenses are paid for delegates. Ok. So some random guy on the internet is offering me an all expenses paid trip to the US of A. You know when things sound too good to be true and you might end up in a hotel bathtub with your kidneys missing??

Fortunately Stephen Foskett from Gestalt IT wasn’t so random and have gave me a few names of past attendees, some who I already knew. This is for real and someone recommended me. Me.

This is where I have to add that if your view of social media is it’s self centred, full of bullying and downright boring.. think again. Through my tweets, blogs etc, the Tech Field Day team could see my level of technical knowledge and my willingness to give back to the wider tech community. Social media just got me a free trip to America, my friends.

So now I had to break the news to my husband. Not only is this amazing man running our business without me for a week, he’s also parenting our 10yo & 6yo daughters by himself (that’s a shorter work day right there). And next week it’s his birthday….when Miss 10 has a full dress rehearsal for her dance concert. Did I mention how much I love this man?

Tech Field Day guessed I’d be hopeless with jetlag and are flying me in a few days early to get my body clock adjusted. This meant I’ll already be in town for an extra day that popped up on the calendar … Data Field Day Roundtable!

And I still get a day to sleep and a day to shop. That’s very important, because I owe my husband a present from the Microsoft Store!

Right now I’m 26hrs out from my airport checkin time and I haven’t packed a single thing. This is how I operate though. Plenty of time today for packing and charging all the things.

But the highest priority (apparently) is installing Windows 10 Minecraft on my laptop because I’m taking the Surface Pro that Miss 6 uses to play it with her sister. Guess I better get onto that!


Disclaimer: I’m attending Virtualization Field Day 6 and Data Field Day Roundtable 1 as a guest of Gestalt IT.

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