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If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little bit of a social media addict. My twitter feed is mostly full of technical IT people, some journalists and a bit of emergency management (earthquakes etc). My Facebook is a lot more private and includes the in-laws and my sister’s family, both overseas.

I noticed that I didn’t belong to a technical community on Facebook. My group memberships relate to my neighbourhood, blogging etc, but nothing technical.

Good technical groups are hard to find. I want to talk about sys admin stuff, mainly in the Microsoft space but thrown in some Cloud, Apple etc. I want a space that tells me the latest news. I don’t want a free for all about what anti-virus software is the best or how Company X is screwing us over and we should all go open source.

Being a ‘women in tech’, it also needs to be female-friendly. That should go without saying, but a minority of people still don’t treat females as equal contributors.

So, The Technical Details has been born!

It’s a Page and not a Group – on purpose.

It’s run by Microsoft Ignite Speaker and sys admin extraordinaire Jess Dodson (@girlgerms) and myself (@Cuff_S).

We’d love your contributions too. Send us a message, post something to the page and most importantly, comment and get involved in the discussions.

If you’ve seen a great blog post, heard an awesome podcast episode or if you’re excited about an upcoming technical conference, let us know too so we can promote it.

We won’t specifically be pushing a Women in Tech message because this is about the technical stuff. But it will be a safe place to promote anyone doing great things in tech, no matter what size organization they work for or what gender they are.

So come and join us – let’s talk about The Technical Details.

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