Disappearing sound devices

Today’s lesson is a short one, about the magic of disappearing sound devices.

In Vista, under Control Panel, then Sounds, the first tab is Playback.  Mine shows two devices: Speakers and Realtek Digital Output.  Whilst playing around with some settings the other day, I right-clicked on Speakers and selected Disable … and disable they did!  Having been used to network icons that remain with a red X on them when disable, I was most surprised to see my Speakers device completely gone.  A-hunting I went, not able to find the darn things anywhere for me to re-enable them 🙁

.. until some more playing in the same tab noticed another little line on the right-click menu .. “Show disbaled devices”.

OK, feeling rather sheepish now (no Kiwi jokes).  My Speakers returned and could now be set to enable.

See, technology gets the better of us seasoned IT pros too!!


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