Questionable URLs detected in message email reply when reporting in Outlook

I swear I did not change a setting, but I’ve started experiencing the following behaviour with the Outlook client in Windows 11, that replaced the Mail app:

  • Click on the ellipse (three dots … ) in an email, next to the forward, reply buttons
  • Select Report then either Report Junk or Report Phishing
  • Immediately receive a copy of the message headers as a new email to my Inbox, from myself, with the subject # Questionable URLs detected in message: None and a copy of the message as an attachment.

It’s likely this was a system change with a Microsoft Defender update and not related to the Outlook client at all, but here’s how to turn off those replies:

If I’d taken a minute to scroll down to the bottom, there’s even a valid link that takes me directly into the Microsoft Defender portal to alter these settings (because I’m the admin of our email environment):

“If you want such reports to go to Microsoft directly, you can change the reported message destinations from the settings at

This account if only used for personal stuff by a couple of family members so I turned off/unchecked Monitor reported messages in Outlook and set Send reported messages to: to be Microsoft only … then scroll down to the very bottom and hit the Save button before you close the page.

And if you come across any older blogs or Microsoft Defender links that mention it, the user interface has changed slightly. If you don’t use the direct link about and find yourself on the Microsoft Defender portal Home Page of your tenant, go select Settings/Email & collaboration/ User reported settings.





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