Don’t get too excited now …

New name, new theme, new blog?

Umm, sort of. Part of me wants to yell “Yes, 2013 is the year I finally write to my heart’s content and attract a following of thousands and tidy income stream”. The other part of me thinks “I have a marketing piece to finish, the kids are due home, I have to cook dinner tonight & there’s a pile of ironing to do once the kids are in bed.” Hmm.

So I’m not setting myself up to fail by committing to a scintilating opinion piece every day. Instead, I promise to write in a timely manner when a current event really gets me thinking. If it’s not so time-sensitive, I’ve started noting a few blog topics on the Notes app on my phone for when I do have time to get back to them. That way, they don’t rattle around in my head and resurface at 2am (there’s a blog post just in that sentence alone).

So, happy 2013, whatever you’r committing to do, or not do!


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