Is your critical information really deleted?

Title=thought provoking question that came from our friends at Kroll On Track during day 1 of the New Zealand Computer Troubleshooters conference – delete or even disk format does not permanently remove data.  Kroll’s fancy data recovery program can get some very interesting data (i.e. credit card numbers etc) of ‘blank’ hard disks … just like you find in second hand computers being sold on eBay.  Of course it was also a shameless plug from their data erasure software, which even they cannot recover data from.Colin delivered a brief session on demystifying search engine optimisation (=copy Colin’s site/tags etc! … gotta love being part of a ‘share and share alike’ franchise group of talented individuals!).  And if you came here looking for SEO tips …. sorry, you’ll just have to join Computer Troubleshooters.  Actually, I may ask Colin for some ‘end customer’ type tips that I will blog at a later date, so watch this space.

This was my 2nd CT conference as a presenter, not just a ‘passive observer’ (as passive as you can be at one of our conferences).  Just a 10 minute presentation this time (and it was a lot harder to structure than my 1 hour slot!) but so very, very, important … the inaugural Trans-Tasman Spin Doctor competition!!  Pitted against Dennis Jones, we each had a 10 minute BNI/Chamber of Commerce/business networking event presentation to do on our B.E.S.T. Managed Service plans …. *drum roll please* …..

We WON! … well, ok, I won 🙂 So, like many great sporting trophies, the cup travels will us back to Australia (after being won by a kiwi).  The New Zealanders will get a chance to win at back at the Australian conference in Sydney in mid-march.


P.S. Rather tame evening involving lots of alcohol followed, left at midnight before turning into a pumpkin … no stories, sorry, not that I’m telling anyway.

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