On going backwards and forwards, and things that are free.

I can’t say that today was the best & the worst of days. I’ve had better (read: wedding day, birth of two healthy girls etc), so it wasn’t really a red letter day in that respect. And I’ve had worse (money, rental stress, money, dog dying, money), so it wasn’t really a day to cry either. But it certainly did ride a roller coaster. I’m hoping this is a sign that it ended happily & I got off the ride safely, because I’m here writing a blog post & listening to Florence + The Machine (MTV Unplugged 2012) in glorious Logitech quality.

Let’s start by going backwards. Remember that new chapter in my life I started writing? Well, it now has a full stop and we’re on the next page. It brought me some new skills, grew an incredible friendship & has opened up opportunities I didn’t have before. For that, I’m grateful. I just get to stress about money a little more again. Que sera, sera. We’re blessed to be able to meet the mortgage, put fuel in the car & food in the cupboard and live in the paradise that is Queensland. Blessings, see?

Today I got to dive into a full website content review & update & I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It helped that the content held the passion & knowledge of another dear friend but it really was just my kind of work. Geek girl heaven + marketing WIIFMS galore!

And my Inbox delivered a surprise bill. Crap. But this will be worked out over time.

So overall I think there was an emotional equilibrium, though I may still be trying to convince myself of that.

The topic of mummy & daddy working came up in the car with my girls. Once again I explained about all the ‘stuff’ that we have to pay for, which is why we work (just nice & general here, nothing to scar my 3yr old for life). At the end of that list, I said ‘what do we do or get that’s free, that we don’t have to pay for’? And so we started … breathing.  Smelling. Hugs from our family. Baking together with food we already have in the cupboard. Laughing. Reading books we already have or we borrow from the library. Sunrises and sunsets. Rain. And now I’ve reviewed this list I’m adding ‘solar power’!

Are the best things in life free? Too right they are! So it’s time for some free deep breaths, some free sleep and a free brand new morning.


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