Exchange mail delivery stops on Windows SBS 2003 with AVG

We have AVG 2013 successfully running on a number of client’s servers and our own servers, with no problems. However one particular client with SBS 2003 experiences intermittent email problems which always co-incide with an update to AVG.

Symptoms include: Users saying they haven’t received any emails recently or their recipients haven’t received emails that they sent, failed SMTP test on (indicating the Exchange server is not accepting messages for delivery).

Restarting the Exchange services does not fix the problem – a full server reboot is needed.

In the most recent occurrence, we performed some updates in the evening & rebooted the server and tested email – all ok. However the next morning, we received a call from the client when they arrived in the office. Checking the server logs, Exchange had started to fail at approx 6am. Once again, a reboot got email moving again.

Talk about frustrating! I HATE ‘reboot’ as a solution.

Fortunately AVG Support have now acknowledge that they are aware of this problem and the developers are working on it. The workaround is to go back to running the AVG 2012 engine, only on the Server, until a fix is developed for 2013.

The risk of running an earlier engine (with the latest viruses definition files) is a trade-off and is neglible when considering that the workstations still have AVG 2013 (which will scan email attachments on open or save anyway).

Will post an update when we have one from AVG, but for now if you have an SBS 2003 Server with AVG experiencing the same symptoms, stop tearing your hair out and searching the internet for hours/days/weeks etc for an answer.


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