Managed Services Contract Signup Incentive

In talking to customers about managed services, we’re finding they are sometimes procrastinating in making a decision – we’re not getting a no but we’re not getting a yes yet either.  Proactive support and maintenance doesn’t seem to have enough urgency on it for people to make a decision quickly.  So, we thought we’d put our thinking caps on to see what kind of incentives we could offer for people to sign up, as a promotion we could then market.

Owning a small business is very stressful, and work/life balance seems to go out the window.  A recent study shows that workplace stress can be alleviated by up to 70% if a pet is introduced to the working environment.  To take advantage of this angle, we are looking to offer a free goldfish to anyone that signs up with a managed service plan in April.  These will be ‘Computer Troubleshooters orange’ only coloured goldfish, to reinforce our brand.

We are looking for a nationwide pet store chain that we could do a deal with so we could receive a discount on purchasing the goldfish.  In conjunction with the RSPCA, we are also investigating any humane ways to dye the scales so we can brand the logo on each side of the fish.


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